Fold-out buildings

We have a showroom in Brisbane at
174 Sandgate Road
Albion Qld 4010

We have a 28m² fold-out home set up that you can see.

All the buildings have the same general construction, just slightly different layouts.

The 27m² (Bribie) is not supplied with a toilet or shower. One can be added; the 27m² is a blank canvas to design and fit out to suit your own personal space.

The 28m² (Fraser) is supplied with fixtures and fittings, walls and a door to build a complete bathroom. Due to the nature of the building folding up to a very small footprint, the bathroom fixtures and fittings are supplied but not installed.

The 35m² (Morton) is supplied with walls and a door installed. The bathroom fixtures and fittings are supplied but not installed.
Please note in all of the above, installation is by a trusted handyman or licenced plumber.

No, there’s no channelling, but the building walls are constructed using a material called EPS, better known as cold room panelling (steel sheet either side of 50mm insulation). The nature of the material makes it very easy to install power and light cables to most locations without issue.

The building is not supplied with screens. Bunnings and others sell DIY fly screen kits which are cost effective and easy to install.

Your electrician will install an electrical distribution board or EDB. The EDB is a single connection point for mains power.

The buildings are ideal for direct connection to sewer and mains water, or off grid living with your own grey system and tank water.

In NSW, you may be able to install one of our buildings/caravans on your property without local council approval based on the NSW State Legislation (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camp Grounds and Moveable Dwellings Regulation 2021, in particular, subdivision 3, section 77). Some councils require an application to connect to sewer mains or an approval to connect to septic.
Victoria has similar legislation.

Although the legislation above relates to NSW and Vic, it has been our experience over the years that local councils differ in their approach regarding allowing families to live in a portable building/caravan on their property.

With cost of living on the increase and the recent house price boom, our buildings can be purchased, fitted out and liveable, for fraction of the cost of a traditional building.

We wish we could. Sadly Container Domes and Shelters is not licensed to act on your behalf for permits or council approvals.

Currently we don’t, but we are close to having an installation service. Stay tuned.

Two persons for two days total will get a weather sealed roof over your head. Other costs are based on your own specific needs.

Footing designs vary. All our buildings come with 12 adjustable feet and we will supply you a location plan once the $ transaction is complete. Feedback received details most use a combination from a completed concrete slab to 12 individual pads.

That’s the best thing about a CDS Home, Disconnect the services, fold it up, on to a truck and move to higher ground.

Easy set up process. Two persons four to five hours to unfold, one person one day to weather seal and then finish to your requirements.
Note: Ground needs to be flat and level with compacted solid footing points.

A trailer is required to comply as a caravan under the NSW and Vic state legislation. You can use your own trailer, we can purchase a CDS trailer. We suggest doing your own research as to what can and can’t be used on your property.

We found that owners have different preferences, so it would be a DIY install. We can supply you with same material to build you own. Let us know if you have a configuration in mind. A lot of people are using timber batten screens to create and segregate rooms, also making this a very modular option.

Buildings can be configured to suit your needs. They are modular and can be expanded upon, adding external laundry, toilet shower etc., to add space for more bedrooms inside. You could also have two buildings side by side making it a very modular home. If you are interested to know more email us at

The roof is super strong, it will handle solar panels with ease.
n.b. Size and quantity of solar panels to be determined by an appropriately qualified professional.

You certainly can. Bunnings have a great range of colours and shape gutters that will work great, add a tank and you have your own water.

These are not designed for areas subject to cyclones.

Constructed of a steel portal frame and clad using an EPS panel, the same as used for cold rooms, 0.4mm coated steel sheet either side of 50mm of insulation. The roof is painted plate steel with the same EPS panel underneath for insulation. The buildings have been sold here through CDS for the past 6 years and we are happy to report we have not had any issues of these buildings failing in our Aussie conditions. Plus we offer a solid warranty.

The base materials are from china, they arrive here and we rework them and add our components to make them to a standard suitable for our Australian climate.

Total door width (both doors) is 1335mm. The main door is 900mm and the small door is 432mm. With both open, the daylight gap width is approx. 1200mm.

No, it does not. We have spent 10 years getting rid of the issue that have and still plagues other suppliers of these building. The ceiling does not go to 2.4 high for council and is the reason why you can get a building to live in from under $30,000 and not $130,000 using conventional building. The building is more like a big caravan with all the comforts of a home. If you are in NSW or Vic, there is legislation that allows the same building to be placed on a trailer, this will bypass council certification. They are pushing hard in Qld, SA and WA to have similar approved.

Toilets, Showers & Laundry, etc.

We have the following set up at our Brisbane showroom:

Double toilet
Disabled toilet
Single toilet
Small living/office portable building

Our showroom address is:
174 Sandgate Road
Albion Qld 4010

The buildings are 100% finished internally, all connections to services would be completed by your location electrician and plumber.

No, we currently don’t offer installation.

Nothing when it comes to the building itself, that is unless it is to go in a location that may require a little more effort. The only additional cost is an electrician to connect power and a plumber for water and waste.

The buildings have 4 to 6 adjustable feet, this depends on the selected building.

There are a few options, a concrete slab, solid level compacted ground or spot concrete footings to match the the adjustable feet on the building.

There is, a structural engineer has approved the construction.
The structural certificate is available for a small additional fee. Please note CDS does not charge for the service, the fee is to cover the structural engineer.

These amazing buildings work really well as an off-grid home with solar, tank water and on-site waste management system. If you would like to know more please contact us.

Part in China (60%) and Australia (40%), this why we can offer such a great warranty.

Yes we do, they are detailed on our website.

The buildings are built strong, and once fixed to secure footings suitable for winds up to N3

Domes & Shelters

We have a 26ft x 20ft dome shelter set up at our showroom in Brisbane at
174 Sandgate Road
Albion Qld 4010

The cover is a 450 GSM triple layer PVC material, fitted over a galvanized steel frame.

We do, we even have a walls with a door.

Yes, the 20ft end walls fit both HC & GP containers.

Up to 40ft wide
Shipping containers are equipped with a corner container to container connection. The domes use the same method of attachment plus a clamping system, solid, reliable and best of all no welding is required.

Fixing detail - Domes to Containers

60ft wide
Due to this being much larger, welding is required to fix the frame to the top of the containers.

They can be fixed to concrete for permanent solution or pegged down on grass for temporary use.

No, we currently don’t offer installation.

10 years for the cover and 10 years for the structural steel frame T & C’s.

Yes you can, we have a structural engineer designed post and rail system to replace the need for a container. Contact us for more details.

Yes they can, we have a structural engineer designed post and rail system to replace the need for a container. Contact us for more details.

Ordering, delivery & warranty

A 30% deposit must be received within 72 hours from the invoice date to secure stock. A deposit not paid for within this timeframe will have all items returned to stock and made available for other purchasers.

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