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Buildings & Bathrooms Warranty Badges

A compact and well constructed building, can be used as stand-alone or attached to another building, the design makes for ease of transport to a single location or can be moved from site to site.

Designed for remote or rural living.


  • 9 sets of double glazed openable windows
  • Entry door (lockable)
  • Steel entry step
  • Rain sill for entry doors
  • 16mm Particleboard floor with vinyl flooring over the top
  • Steel frame with walls and ceiling constructed of 50mm EPS foam core insulated panels (same type of panel used for coldrooms)


  • No electrical equipment supplied or fitted


  • Installation takes approximately 4 to 6 hours to complete
  • Video of installation
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Two winches and gas rams to assist with installation
  • 12 adjustable feet to level the portable home
  • Home comes with 2 dolly wheels for loading and unloading


Images displaying furniture, fixtures, fittings like kitchens, pool tables and internal finishes are supplied to provide a vision of how the space may be decorated. These items do not come with the building.

Approx. open dimensions:

L:5850mm x W:4700mm x H:2500mm
Note: Allow an extra 150mm each end for stabilising legs (legs can be removed once building is unfolded).

Footings Recommendations:

Preferred options for footings for portable buildings:

  1. Concrete slab.
  2. Pad footings at least 250 x 250mm square or 300mm diameter and dug 200mm into natural ground or compacted fill.
  3. Reinforced concrete blocks 250 x 250mm x 150mm thick and bedded onto compacted ground.
  4. If placing on stumps or columns, this must be done in consultation with an appropriately qualified person.

All footings must be into compacted, stable ground.
All footings should be within 25mm of level as measured with an approved levelling device e.g. spirit level or laser level.

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27 Sqm Portable Buildings-Watch Video



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Bribie Cottage
SKU: 100010108
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