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Shipping Container Shelters and Domes; multiple uses

Portable & Easy to Set-Up

Workshops Temporary or Permanent – Construction Site storage – Machinery Storage – General Storage – Mine site heavy duty equipment cover – Mining operations – Construction, Aviation and Agricultural equipment, the list goes on.

E.G. Overflow storage, add a rear wall and Front wall with roll up access door and you have the perfect cost effective Temporary or Permanent warehouse solution.

Durability, customisability, and cost-effectiveness

Workshop, Storage, Shelter for equipment or a workforce, manufactured of industrial grade fabric and steel to combat the Australian environment, our container domes are perfectly suited for any use and location. Customisable, versatile shelter that can be easily disassembled located as needed.

Cost-effective solution

Shelters and Domes are the ideal solution for companies to requiring infrastructure expansion without a huge investment. One of the many key benefits of container Shelter Domes is long-term infrastructure does not exist as they can easily be dismantled and moved to storage or relocated to another location when needed.

Protection from the elements

UV Stabilized three layer fabric will protect your workforce or assets from the exposure to the elements for a fraction of the cost and time of traditional construction.

A Tax deductable Asset

100% Tax deductable, Shelters and Domes are an investment; an investment when no longer required can be quickly sold.

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