Mining Camp Accommodation

Durable & Portable Mining Camp Accommodation

Looking for a portable, low maintenance solution to provide mine site accommodation for your team? 

Our tiny homes are the perfect upgrade for your mining dongas to provide your team with quality accommodation made to last. 

Give your team comfort and shelter for an affordable price with high quality mining accommodation from Container Domes and Shelters. 

What is a mining donga?

A mining camp donga is traditionally used to provide temporary housing at remote worksites. 

A modern day version of a donga is a modular or prefabricated portable building which is used as a remote site office or mine accommodation. 

At Container Domes and Shelters, our Studio and Sanctuary style tiny homes provide spacious and comfortable housing for your workers. 

Designed for easy installation and built tough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, dongas are the perfect solution for your site.   

What are the benefits of a mining donga?

Modular accommodation can provide many benefits for your team, making your worksite run more smoothly and efficiently. Here are some reasons to consider donga mining accommodation for your site: 

Worker Accommodation 

They provide convenient, temporary accommodation for miners and workers in remote mining locations, allowing them to reside close to their worksite without the need for lengthy commutes.


Dongas are often prefabricated, making them relatively affordable compared to constructing permanent structures. This cost-effectiveness is especially crucial in remote areas where building materials and labour may be scarce or expensive.


These structures are usually portable and can be easily transported to different mining sites as needed, offering flexibility to mining companies as they explore new deposits or shift operations.

Easy Installation 

Dongas can be assembled relatively quickly, allowing mining operations to commence without significant delays in providing accommodation for workers.


While a basic mining donga provides essential shelter, more elaborate units can be customised to include amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms, and communal areas, improving the quality of life for workers during their stay.


Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions prevalent in remote mining areas, dongas are often sturdy and durable, providing a safe and secure living environment for workers.

Explore our Range

Explore our range of versatile and durable mining dongas for sale and find the perfect solution for modular workforce accommodation for your site. 

Mining Accommodation FAQ

What are the advantages of temporary mining site accommodation over permanent structures?

Temporary mining site accommodation offers several advantages, including flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and rapid deployment. Unlike permanent structures, temporary accommodations can be easily relocated to different sites as needed, providing flexibility to mining companies as they explore new deposits or shift operations. 


Temporary accommodations are often more affordable to construct and maintain compared to permanent structures, making them a cost-effective solution, especially in remote or temporary mining locations. 

What amenities are typically provided in prefabricated accommodation?

Temporary mining site accommodations typically include basic amenities to meet the needs of workers during their stay. These amenities often include sleeping quarters, bathroom facilities, dining areas, and communal spaces for recreation and relaxation. Depending on the specific requirements of the mining operation and the duration of the stay, temporary accommodations may also include additional features such as kitchenettes, laundry facilities, internet connectivity, and entertainment options to improve the quality of life for workers.

Can my mining donga be relocated in the future?

Absolutely! Our mining dongas are designed to be easily relocated, offering you the flexibility to adapt to changing needs or site conditions.

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